The Blood of Heroes

Ten years ago, the dark overlord who threatened to swallow the world was defeated by a brave young hero and his companions. As the dark lord gave his final cry, the hold he had on his army vanished and it was quickly crushed by the valiant forces of the light, lead by the best and brightest of the forces of light, the Undefeated Legion.

In the aftermath of the great war, the Council of Light offered Amnesty to all those who served in the Dark Lord’s army, and seeing no other choice, the hordes agreed, returning home in relative peace. Peace has since reigned, the world slowly rebuilding and prospering once again. The threat of war has nearly vanished from the hearts of man.

All the remains now are the great Heroes and Villains of the War, soldiers fighting on the front lines, wizards, spies, and scouts, and, of course, the great Hero, his companions, and the 12 great God Generals.

Now, however, some new threat has risen: the last remnants of the old Dark Horde. Unknown to the peaceful realms, it has sworn vengeance on all those who live in peace, both light and dark. It is up to the players to uncover this new threat and stop it, before it swallows them whole back into the darkness.

Blood Of Heroes

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