Blood Of Heroes

Book 1

Death and Rebirth

Peace reigns and the darkness of the great war has faded into memory for most of the world. Today is the eve of the tenth anniversary of the end of the Great War and the Birthday of The Mourning Princess. Today she will begin to be taught the ways of battle and nobility by the Lady Knight Ceralaith.

However, this day is not without sadness. The beloved elven general, the Zephyr, has died under mysterious circumstances and his funeral is set for the morrow. All the heroes of the world have been sent invitations and anyone who is anyone in Hawthorn will be attending.

Enter our heroes.
  • Veilgraf aka (The Tower) The Penitent Warrior
  • Frenzy aka (The Rake) The Socialite with a Dark Past
  • Alonna Honored Companion and Priestess of Light
  • Cearalaith Knight Commander and Hero of Hawthorn and Ciardha Cathasach
  • Stavier Distrusted Mage and Treasure Hunter



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