Blood Of Heroes

Chapter 4

A Dark Secret

Our heroes made their way, at last, to castle of the Hierophant. Though Alonna mysteriously remembered the way through the keep, she couldn’t prevent the Hierophant’s defenses from being triggered, or from encountering his dread golems.

Those golems were no match for our heroes. Thanks especially to the immobilizing power of the Tower. Once inside our heroes found the Hierophant and, expecting a fight, were instead invited to dinner. The Hierophant proved reluctant to assist our heroes in their quest but after some urging, finally agreed to assit them.

The Hierophant revealed two things to our heroes. First that though the Dark Lord was dead, fragments of his power remained imbued within the items of power he gave to his God Generals. Second, a skilled magician could gather that magic and empower individuals with lesser versions of the original God Generals’ powers. Furthermore, one individual could been imbued with the power of several God Generals and multiple people could be imbued with the same power. The danger was clear and terrifying. The God Generals had once nearly conquered the land as individuals. What would damage would even a mere handful of individuals do if empowered with all 13? Even worse, the Hierophant revealed, no one had ever recovered the remains or objects of power that the Scion once possessed. If a powerful individual was imbued with the power of the Scion, they would have untold power, indeed power enough to create totally new God Generals, as powerful as the original.

Though our heroes were disturbed, their anger was overshadowed by the rage of the Hierophant. “Find these individuals,” he asked, “find them and slay them for me. And bring me back items of power that remain unlooted. I will destroy them so no one could ever pervert the Dark Lord’s power.”

The Hierophant offered to help our heroes further, for he possessed a device that once allowed him to track and communicated with the other God Generals. Though he no longer had the power, with the Priestess of Light’s help, it could be made to track sources of God General energy.

The ritual discovered six sources of Dark Energy before his device exploded.

The Hierophant helped our heroes transport themselves to the city of Rye and the Source where they encountered several warriors who rose to fight them. Their leader bore the markings and powers of the Tower. With the help of the Staiver’s terrible flames, these foes were quickly dispatched, though the Rake was struck by the warrior’s dying blow.

Though our heroes managed to defeat this threat, they had no time to savor their victory, for a new enemy appeared before them.



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