Princess Alice ra Hawthorn

The Mourning Princess


Elite Controller, Adept of Light


The daugher of the Iron Princess, she was found a few days after the death of her mother. Her birth had been a closely guarded secret known only to a few servants and nursemaids. While her maternal lineage is well known, the identity of the father remains a mystery. There are generally three names thrown around, first is Finnegan Valiant, the hero who slew the dark lord. Second, is the noble Paladin and leader of the Light Brigade, Light-of-Virtue. Finally, and this name is only whispered in dark corners, her father is rumored to be that of the Zealot’s conceived via force during the destruction of Hawthorn.

Regardless of her parentage, she has grown into an imperious and precocious child. She has shown a remarkably strong affinity for magic of the Light and is currently in training with the Sisters of the Light to harness that power.

Princess Alice ra Hawthorn

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