Princess Elizatha el Hawthorn

The Iron Princess


Solo Soldier Leader —deceased


The hero of a thousand battles and cold hearted solider of the light, she turned the rag tag refugees of Hawthorn into a dedicated elite fighting force, the Iron Brigade. They provided a decisive role in many battles, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Princess Elizatha herself was well known for going after the leaders of an enemies army, decapitated the units she fought against, the deaths of several god generals can be laid at her unit’s feet.

She died of illness and exhaustion at the final battle after personally slaying the Zealot and avenging her shattered kingdom. She was found dead, still mounted and more or less upright after the conclusion of that final battle.

Fiercely independent, and confrontational to the point of rudeness, she was loved by the members of the Iron Brigade, both the old veteran and the new recruits. Never the most popular of nobles or military leaders, she had an air about her that nonetheless drew people to her, both nobles and commoners, and convinced them to support her cause. She was one of the first to take a stand against the Dark Lord and his armies and fought determinedly to bring the allied nations into the fold.

Princess Elizatha el Hawthorn

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