The Hierophant

The Second God-General


Elite Controller Leader—alive, in seclusion


The Hierophant was generally considered to be the Dark Lord’s right hand man. He served predominately as the Dark Lord’s steward and chief acolyte, leading or inventing many of the most terrible rituals performed in the Dark Lord’s name. Unlike many of the clergy of Darkness, he was never a holy man before his service to the Dark Lord; his powers were derived almost solely from the power granted by his god-worship of the Dark Lord. His investiture was Divine Darkness the ability to wield and channel the raw power of the Dark Lord. Though never utilized, he was rumored to have the power to create new God Generals.

History: The Hierophant encounter the Companions in the heart of the City of Darkness, the capital of the Dark Lord’s realm. Though he turned the power of the very city against them, the heroes were able to avoid his pursuit and slip past him in order to confront the Dark Lord directly. As part of the conditions of his Amnesty, the Hierophant was stripped of all his authority and possession except for a small Manor where he now resides.

The Hierophant

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