The Zealot

The Third God-General


Elite Brute Leader—deceased


The Zealot was the most terrifying and visible member of the God Generals. If the Hierophant was considered the right hand of the Dark Lord, the Zealot was his weapon. He was always the most loyal of the God Generals, serving the Dark Lord with a fearsome devotion that disturbed even the Hierophant. The, Black Horde, the banner under which he led was never the best organized military force, but it was usually the largest, and certainly the most terrible. He never accepted a surrender and took great delight in torturing those he caught for fun before feeding them, alive to his inhuman army. Though he played up his overtly brutal and destructive nature, he was also a cunning military leader with a pitiless ability to sacrifice anyone, be it innocents, his men, or other God Generals to accomplish his goals. His investiture was the Black Horde; as his military command grew, the forces under his command slowly transformed to resemble their leader’s nature. At the same time, he began to take on the nature of his forces, becoming more inhuman as time grew on.

History: The Zealot was the over all military leader for the Dark Lord’s military forces and the direct commander for the “Black Horde” military force. Purely in terms of the number of significant victories, he was by far the greatest general of the Great War. He was also the most despised; fully half of the military atrocities of the last great war could be directed at his feet. The greatest of his crimes was the destruction of the City-State of Hawthorn, including the rape and murder of the entire royal family of Hawthorn meticulously calculated to 8th cousins.

He was killed on the Plains of Solace at the final battle by the Iron Princess. He had to be dismembered limb by limb over the course of the battle and was finally stabbed 37 times in the vitals before he finally perished. His remains were purified, burned, purified again and then scattered in every direction.

The Zealot

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