The Slaver

The Eleventh God-General


Elite Solider Leader—deceased


The public feared and hated the Zealot, the soldiers feared the Slaver far more. A devilishly cunning tactician and general, the Slaver’s relatively small force of slave soldiers ran roughshod over any force they encountered. The Slaver himself was devoted to service to the Dark Lord for his own selfish reasons, he wanted a kingdom to rule and subjects to govern. His investiture from the Dark Lord was Dark Entitlement. Unlike other investitures, which he refused, his investiture was a promise from the Dark Lord’s own lips. He was promised the right to decide the fate of any being he and his army defeated or captured, and the right to rule any land or material he conquered.

Unlike other God Generals, he treated his slave army with respect, affection, and kindness. He trained them mercilessly and outfitted with the best equipment he could acquire. In response they trained to an incredible level of battle prowess. His men were utterly devoted to him, even more so when he sacrificed his left arm to the Zealot in order to save a member of his troop who had unwittingly offended the Zealot. He built his army from the cream of those he conquered, though he frequently led raiding parties into the elite units of the forces of good and into the armies of his fellow God Generals, taking the best and brightest. Each creature he captured, man, woman, monster, or machine, was offered three choices, slavery, death, or an hour’s head start, most of the time the Slaver would let them choose, other times, he’d choose for them.

History: Within the first two years of the war The Slaver occupied almost a third of south western quarter of the continent, snapping up the small kingdoms that grew like islands of prosperity in the barrenness. He was killed by a whim of nature when engaging the Brigade of Light. A rockside caused a volcanic flow to divert into the basin in which the Slaver was fighting, engulfing him and most of his elite core in volcanic rock, slaying them instantly.

The Slaver

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