The Enchantress

The Twelfth God-General


Elite Controller—deceased


Also known as the Mistress of Curses, she was the most powerful and feared of the Dark Lord’s magicians. She specialized in curse magics, especially retributive curses. Her investiture was Bleak Time the ability to cast curses that manipulated a particular item’s time. It could restore a wounded or even dead individual to life (though the later was never permanent) or age any entity a thousand years in a blink of an eye. Personal accounts had her to be very vain, taking great cares to maintain her appearance. They also reported her fondness for taking her defeated opponents as slaves, bound by her curses to obey her.

History: The Enchantress was based in the Desolate mountains near the center of the Dark Lord’s realm, but she frequently roamed the world serving the Dark Lord’s Machiavellian schemes. She was the first God General to encounter the Companions and became their primary antagonist for much of their journey. Defeated and thwarted by the Companions, her place in the God Generals gradually fell until she was recalled back to the city. Her final encounter was in the Cave of Darkness just before the final confrontation with the Dark Lord. It lead to her final defeat and subsequent death by the Dark Lord himself. There was some rumor of her gaining sympathy for the Companions and sacrificing herself to save them in the final battle, but those have been largely discounted.

The Enchantress

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