The Dragon


Of all the God-Generals, the Dragon’s life before his conversion is possibly best known. The king of Ciardha Cathasach, one of the most powerful nations on the border of the Dark Lord’s domain, Kieran Es’Fiachra kept his true allegiances under wraps for quite some time, using his personal, political and martial influence over neighboring lands to subtly bring them under the Dark Lord’s control even before the war began in earnest. The one country he outright failed to subvert was Ciardha Cathasach’s own sister-state of Hawthorn… and everyone knows what eventually happened to them.

The Dragon was known to be a cunning tactician, brutal to his enemies, demanding of his troops and unfailingly loyal to the Dark Lord. As leader of the Dark Lord’s heavy cavalry, he won many decisive battles. He held a grudging respect for the Tower, and disdain for the Rake.

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The Dragon

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