Cearalaith Es'Fiachra, Champion of Akras

Where the lion of Pelor walks, the children know peace. In her smile, the despondent find hope. In her command, even the coward learns courage. And when she roars, death itself knows fear.


Paladin/Hospitaler/Mythic Sovereign

Pronunciation Guide
Cearalaith = KEER-uh-lith
Es’Fiachra = ess FEE-uh-kruh
Ciardha Cathasach = like Kerry Casey


Lady Cearalaith Es’Fiachra, Champion of Akras, Lion of Pelor, Dame Protector of the Eldritch Coast, Princess of Ciardha Cathasach, Friend to Hawthorne

And you people thought Kat had a ridiculous number of titles. ;-)

At thirty-four years of age, Cearalaith stands 5’10" and weighs approximately 145lbs. Her long strawberry-blond hair cascades down her back in waves when it is not securely bound in a single braid — even then, wisps and curls frequently escape to dance around her face and shoulders. Cearalaith has laughing green eyes and a warm smile. Her hands are calloused from years of battle, but her touch is gentle. Cearalaith’s armor is primarily silver and gold, with red enameling, and adorned with symbols of the Great Lion Akras (the aspect of Pelor worshipped in her homeland). Her helm is shaped like a lion’s head; the face-shield opens and closes like the beast’s maw, and a great mane waves behind.

Cearalaith ran away from her father’s home (and the influence of the Dark Lord) at fourteen to become a paladin of Akras and defender of good and light. She spent the next several years mucking about the wild lands and forgotten dungeons of the realm with her friend Stavier and a party of similarly capable adventurers. It was during these adventures that Cearalaith earned a particular reputation as a devastator of the undead.

One of the first allies Cearalaith encountered on her journeys was the Princess Elizatha of the neighboring city-state of Hawthorn; they had met previously as girls and Elizatha was sympathetic to Cearalaith’s flight, granting her and Stavier asylum in Hawthorne for a time. Even after Cearalaith’s party moved on, the ladies remained friendly… so when Hawthorn was assaulted and the noble family decimated, of course Cearalaith returned to aid her friend.

Cearalaith Es'Fiachra, Champion of Akras

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