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The History

In the Beginning there was an age of peace and prosperity. It was no utopia, the fate of the races rose and fell, women and children died and greed still lived in the hearts of man. It was however, a simpler, more honest time. Much of the world remained unexplored and beyond every hill was a new adventure. Kingdoms rose and kingdoms fell and ancient cities were built upon primeval ruins.

Centuries ago in mountainous wastelands near the center of the continent, a figure emerged from the shadows of the Cave of Darkness calling himself the Dark Lord. His legend grew as he conquered most of the mountainous region in the surrounding area. His followers claimed that he was no mortal, that he was a living god, a cruel and uncaring one. The surrounding countries turned their attention from their petty wars to oppose this new threat, yet no country would make the first move and soon their attention returned to their own affairs. Thus the Dark Lord began to solidify his hold upon his realm.

Fifty years ago the Dark Lord moved against the world once again, releasing his God Generals against the world. At first it was only the small kingdoms and villages surrounding his kingdom. But his ambition seemed to have no end and soon the invasion spread out to the great kingdoms. Though there were a number of serious conflicts between Dark Lord and those who opposed him, the traditional beginning of the Great War between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness coincides with the sack of the city-state of Hawthorn.

Ten years ago the Great War ended with the climatic Final Battle. The Dark Lord was defeated by the Companions and the world settled back into peace. Those who followed the Dark lord were offered Amnesty and allowed to return peacefully to their regular lives.

The Heroes

The Forces of Light were lead by the Council of Light. The Princess Elizatha el Hawthorn and Light of Virtue served as overall field commanders for the Light’s forces.

The Companions were lead by the The Chosen Hero and made their way deep into the Dark Lord’s domain to slay him once and for all.

The Forces of Darkness were lead by the Dark Lord and his God Generals. The Scion was initially the over all commander with The Hierophant and The Zealot taking over leadership when he died.

The World

The World is divided into several different geographic and political regions. They include the following:

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